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Create the most amazing recruiting, on boarding, training, coaching, and mentoring system for employees in the industry, giving you and your clients an edge over your competition.  
8 Minute Overview Video
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Recruiting Machine . . .
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Recruiting, On Boarding, Mentoring

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Create the most amazing recruiting, onboarding, training, coaching, and mentoring system for employees in the industry, giving you and your clients an edge over your competition.  

Matt Maple

Matt will LEVERAGE Life GPS to give him and his company the ability to recruit more and better employees, saving time and money.  Matt's long term goal is to use Life GPS to onboard employees in a precise manner, based on their personality, and then help them to be more productive as a result of coaching and mentorship provided by Life GPS as well.

The 8 minute video gives a big picture overview and the 23 minute video reviews over the customization, how different personalities like to be recruited and how to LEVERAGE The Life GPS mobile app to do so.
8 Minute Overview Video
23 Q&A Minute Video
Join  Matt's recruiting mobile app channel for some really exciting things we could do together.
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Community / Business Partnership
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CPN partnerships with business and community

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Like many non profit organizations CPN, Christian Professional Network, seeks to bring value by helping to connect businesses (Christian and non-Christian) with other community-based organizations for the mutual benefit of all.  Life GPS is an innovative solution to bridge the gap that is often present.

Jason and Melissa Miller

Unfortunately, Christians often have a bad name in both business and in the community and CPN recognizes the reason for much of this is due to the poor choices of Christians in the church, as well as in business.  We were looking for an innovative, amazing, powerful, easy-to-use tool which would bring massive value to business owners, leaders, employees, community-based organizations, and others in the community.  Life GPS far exceeded all of our hopes and expectations.  Wow . . . it's so easy to use, easy to share, viral in nature, and brings MASSIVE value in only 17 seconds.  We STRONGLY recommend it!  
CPN Case Study

Join the CPN mobile app channel for some really exciting things we could do together.
Case Study ~ 03
Impacting The Lives Of Teenagers
LEVERAGE ~ Life GPS mobile app
Untangled Minds (non-profit partnering with community)

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Many world thought leaders have shared that they have never experienced anything like Untangled Minds.  We needed an affordable way to get our message out to those we serve and for fundraising.  

Nicole Mihalos

 When we approached the Life GPS development team and community of channel owners . . . it was amazing!  It's more than a mobile app; it's a whole community of business owners, leaders, and community leaders along with loads of volunteers and individuals around the world who all care so much about making a difference in the lives of teenagers and families.  It's like they all "got us" immediately, and everyone jumped in together like an instant family all working together for the mutual benefit of all.  There are ARRT Mentors and then 2 ARRT Buddies that are helping us and we're helping them.  It's so FUN and exciting to all be working together.  I have never experienced anything like this.
Untangled Minds Case Study

Join the Untangled Minds mobile app channel for some really exciting things we could do together.
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Case Studies
Loss Of A Child / Miscarriage
Kevin King and his family had the most tragic loss of their son who was in his mid 20's.  Kevin shared many times that the healing from that loss is really a process more than a destination.   
Jason & Melissa Miller had a fairy tale courtship, met at a Life Masteries event; Mastermind Seminars.  They dated, got engaged,  and decided to start a family.  
Jason & Melissa become a Matching Gift, Partner Gold Platinum Life GPS in memory of Skylar, who was only 7 weeks in the womb when he / she passed away.  

That was just a few weeks ago, so the feelings, pain, and hurt are so very tender.  As with any loss there are good days / hours and bad days / hours.  

Melissa is really struggling with this, on many different levels, and she believes that Life GPS will help her and others to heal faster.  Let's dig into the science behind how this will happen.  :-)
The Science Behind The Healing
Each of the 65,536 possible personality combinations within Life GPS hurt for very different reasons due to their brain being wired in a very different way.  

What causes one personality pleasure, will actually cause another personality pain which is often why, in the loss of a child, that the couple either comes together in the most amazing way . . . OR . . . the couple sadly will become divorced.  

When we understand the core reason as to why we hurt and how healing can come much faster . . . well . . . that's just really cool.  

Follow Jason & Melissa's journey.

What's strange . . . when you think of it, all that Life GPS does in helping those who lose a child to HEAL, is due to Skylar.  Hmmm . . . little Skylar 7 weeks old, in the womb . . . will potentially accomplish more than many adults will their whole life.  

How is that possible?  
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