Funding for comes in two ways . . .
Generous Gifts & Channel Subscriptions
Life GPS has the amazing ability to change people's lives quickly as a result of helping people to think differently.  Those who give generously do so because they clearly see Life GPS not only helping people, but healing people from depression, addictions, PTSD, anger, and fear to name a few.  

From the business / enterprise side, channel subscriptions will help businesses / organizations to be far more effective in hiring, on-boarding, training, mentoring, marketing, sales, servicing, and creating life-long relationships.  Channel subscriptions also help businesses / organizations to systematize the creation of profitable partnerships within both business and community groups. 
Generous Gifts

Gifts Which Heal

Life GPS connects with individuals at their core personalities and in that connection helps them to deeply understand why they think the way they do, how that is good, and how that can also be bad for them.  

ANY cause / passion can benefit from
Life Masteries Institute (LMI) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and will partner with generous givers to develop custom Personality Masteries videos which connect deep into a person based on their personality. 

When we connect with people based on their deep core personality we connect at the brain synapse level, help individuals to determine precisely what they want in any area of their life, and then help them to learn, based specifically on their 65,536 possible personalities, how to rewire their brain in new and exciting ways for their own benefit.  
  • Step 1: Choose a cause / passion to support.
  • Step 2: Give the financial gift amount you are able to give.
  • Step 3: Work with Life Masteries Institute to develop a plan.  
How Much Should I Give?
Whatever you are able to give and your heart is moved to give is the perfect gift.  Obviously the more that is given the more people we can help.

LMI will bring together people from all around the world to support a cause you are most interested in pursuing with a passion.  If you are the first person to select a cause, LMI will help you develop a team to work together to bring Life GPS resources to help those who are hurting.

No gift is too small.  All gifts are carefully used to gain the maximum impact to whatever cause you would like to support.

Entire programs for specific causes can get started for as little as $3,000 and millions can be given in order to reach the world.  Obviously the more that is given the greater and deeper the impact is for those who are in need.  
Channel Subscriptions

Business Success

Life GPS helps people in business / organizations to see greater success in every area of their life and helps people to quickly and deeply understand those around them.  LEVERAGE our strengths and through wisdom understand how to not allow our strengths to become weaknesses.  
ANY business / organization
can benefit from 
Life Masteries Institute (LMI) is a 501c3 non profit organization with a passion to help businesses better partner with nonprofit organizations to bring mutual benefit to everyone involved.  When local business and community-based organizations work together for mutual benefit, it creates a more healthy community and greater profitability for businesses.  

As businesses / organizations connect with people, based on their deep core personality, we connect at the brain synapse level and help individuals to determine precisely what they want in any area of their life and then help them to learn, based specifically on their 65,536 possible personalities how to rewire their brain in new and exciting ways for their own benefit and the benefit of all they come in contact with.
  • Step 1: Choose an area of focus.
  • Step 2: Determine the budget to accomplish stated goals.
  • Step 3: Work with Life Masteries Institute to develop a plan.  
What Are The Financial Costs / Investment?
The more we invest . . . the larger the return . . . IF . . . we invest into the right things, in the right way, and over the right period of time.  LMI will work really hard to help you maximize your financial return for what you invest individually, or as a company / organization.  

We have a passion to give ALL those we partner with a HUGE financial return in everything we do.  It's a stewardship principle.  

Business / Organization channel subscriptions run as low as $100 a month and the top level channel subscription based price is $5,900 a month.  There is an option which fits any budget and as you become more profitable / generate more revenue, you can modify your channel subscription upward to gain even more value.  
If you do not see your favorite cause and /or area of passion . . . CONGRATULATIONS!  You could be one to lead up a LIFE GPS being brought into that area.  IMAGINE . . . having the LEVERAGE of Life GPS to bring your passion to the entire world, to change the lives of people, and gain & give financially.  
Generous Gifts

Gifts Which Heal

The following are some of the causes / passions where groups are starting to come around, raise money, awareness, and IP - Intellectual Property to help those who are hurting to heal.  
What Cause Are You Passionate About?

Phil Eldred

Being 83 years YOUNG, a veteran and having a PhD in engineering, I have had a passion for helping veterans but wasn't sure how best to do that.  Now I know I can help them overcome PTSD, find employment, start a company, and do a lot more together with them.  I know the Life GPS mobile app will do all this and more.
Channel Subscriptions

Business Success

The following are some of the specific uses companies and organizations are working to use Life GPS in.  Anything having to do with people, and how people think and make decisions, will be helped through Life GPS.
What Areas Of Focus Are You Interested In?
Culture ~ Values ~ Belief & Knowledge ~ DO ~ GIVE ~ Legacy

Tom Kunz

Overseeing over 140,000 agents in over 70 different countries, as President of the largest real estate franchise in the world, had so many people challenges.  Life GPS is a tool which will make a three person team or a 300,000 person team more effective.  It is magical how fast, accurate, and easy it is to use.  It's a game changer.  You will be a disruptor in your industry.  
Healing From Addictions & Abuse

Jenn Taylor

Jenn was molested by her step father as a young girl, was raped, and struggled with anger, hurt,, and pain.  

Jenn is now a mom of 18 children...yes 18 children :-) and through adoption and foster children has that most amazing family and so many stories which connect business with family.  

Christopher, one of Jenn's foster children, disappeared in Las Vegas two years ago.  What Jenn loves about the Life GPS mobile app is that she can LEVERAGE the app for helping so many things that she has passion for.  
Recruiting, Training, and Mentoring
Better, Stronger, and More Profitable Employees

Alan Stein & Nancy Virts

Personality Masteries and Life GPS are helping us to attract the right people, on-board them in the proper way, train, develop, coach, and mentor each of our employees in such a way that we are now all working to read from the same sheet of music, so to speak.  

Our culture is so rich.  Our employees are using Life GPS to advance this culture throughout the entire company and for every new employee joining us.  Life GPS is saving us time and money all while getting a lot more done, in a lot less time.  In over 30 years in business, building million dollar conservatories all around the world, we have never experienced anything like it!
Teen & Adult Suicide Prevention


When Katrina was 15 years old, she tried to commit suicide.  She now is a single mom with an adorable daughter and has a heart to heal both teens and adults to prevent suicide.  

Katrina has been helped so much over the years from Personality Masteries, as it's helped her understand herself to better understand why she felt the way she did. This has taught her how to heal from the many painful situations which she has experienced over the years.  
Area 1: Marketing

Matt King & Family

As a business owner of a construction firm and a father of a young family, I've got a lot on my plate.  What I love about Personality Masteries and the mobile app is that it can clone me so I earn more while working less and have more time with my family.

My income has grown by over 25% and I now have an extra 20 hours of free time a week.  It's amazing how easy the mobile app makes asking for and getting referrals.  It's not only helping me in my business, but in every area of my life.  So powerful!  
Single Moms & Kids At Risk

Emily Dunn

Emily is a single mom of two amazing young boys and Personality Masteries and Life GPS has been a life saver for her.

The mobile app has mapped out her's and her two young sons personalities, and helps her to understand at the very DNA level how they are very different than one another.

Emily started her own business and is now able to homeschool her children, work the hours she desires to work, and have the life she desires for herself and her two boys.
Area 2: Pre-Sales
Converting MORE Of Our Leads Into Sales

Lou Costabile

As an owner of an IT company and a number of other companies, I'm always keeping my eyes open for systems and tools which will  help me, as well as my clients, in converting more of our prospects to clients.

The Life GPS mobile app is the most interesting tool to help connect and communicate to prospects based on their core personality, in their own language, and in how they see the world.  It is such a powerful tool, I am recommending it to all my clients.
Childhood Bullying, Stress, & Pressure

Matt & Megan Maple

Matt, Megan, and family are passionate about helping children be strong enough to where if they do get bullied, it does not have life-long negative implications.  

Yes . . . bullying is wrong . . . but life is tough and learning to deal with people we think are not fair is equally important.  Life GPS will help children / young people to learn how to think differently about bullying,  to become strong, and never be a victim.  
Area 3: The Sales
Converting Our Leads FASTER!

Ski Swiatkowski

Sales is a lot like lacrosse, where to be great we need to build the reflexes to just respond in the most effective way.  Personality Masteries and the Life GPS mobile app with a  Channel Subscription is so powerful! A company / organization can capture their best sales people's natural skills and automate it.  

In recruiting, training, and mentoring entire sales forces for decades, it can be hard to get sales people to build those types of reflexes to really LEVERAGE not only their own personality but also the personality of those they are selling to for mutual benefit.  Life GPS makes this so easy to build those reflexes for the experienced and the inexperienced alike.  
Community Mentors & Spiritual Leaders

Edward Rivera

I was in a gang growing up, on drugs, amd hurting myself and others.  I was really messed up!  

I imagine . . . where every young person in grade school has access to Life GPS and discovers at a very young age, their life vision and how to live that life vision out each and every day.

Life GPS is a game changer for mental health, healing people from addiction, and self destructive behavior.   The mobile app helps people to better understand how to direct the energy into positive things for self and others in the community.  
Area 4: Servicing
Generate amazing referrals

Ken Bucci

Personality Masteries has changed everything about our accounting practice.  We use Life GPS for all hiring, training, and mentoring.  We use Life GPS for all our clients to know how to service them in the most amazing way .

This not only makes for a much happier client but also a far more profitable firm, as we are not over servicing or under servicing individuals.

Another added benefit is the large number of referrals we receive.  What we love about the Custom Channel is that we have full control over all of our training for internal employees and for what we share with our clients . . . but also our clients can share with their clients which is great added value for everyone, including us.  Win Win Win for the mutual benefit of all.
Stopping Child Trafficking

Jonathan Boersma

Having four sisters and three nieces, I realized from a young age how important it was to work hard as a young man to create a safe environment for young women and girls.

As a business owner and international speaker and author I understand how partnering with community-based organizations, families, and businesses helps us all to accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.

As a millennial who is a male, I believe I need to continue the legacy my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather left me. I also believe strongly in helping other men to rise up and stop the trafficking of young girls.
Area 5: Client For Life
Create life-long relationships and connect into their connections

Jill Calderon 

Life GPS is so much fun, everyone wants to share it with everyone they know.  Imagine... having a sales person embedded into every client and everyone we meet, where we can bring life changing resources . . . and not have it take any of our time.

I, as a business owner, gain the benefit of all the amazing great causes which LMI and Life GPS support, along with having my business DNA fully integrated through my own Custom Channel.

As people share the Life GPS mobile app with all their sphere's of influence, through my Custom Channel, they are showing all the things I'm supporting AND introducing my business to everyone they come in contact with.
Over 60 & Loving Life

Anthony & Elise Sims

We are partnering with others and starting Doors Of Hope to help seniors who are in financially hard situations to have high quality housing and a community of support for low income seniors.  We use the Life GPS mobile app to raise funds, awareness, and support to help those over 60 to love life and see how much of life they still have to give to others.  

AvaLynda Casey

Have you ever lost hope?  Imagine . . . being in the twilight years of your life and either not having family or friends to help you with assisted living and/or them not being in a position to do so.  I am partnering with others to provide community assisted living homes to those who are in special need in their final, and WE believe, BEST season in their lives. 
Profitable Partnerships
LEVERAGE your network and the networks of others

Peter Miles

The first time I saw the Life GPS mobile app, my mind exploded with so many ideas.  I experienced so many amazing things being on the board of BMW as it relates to creating profitable partnership.  

The first company to get their own Custom Channel will become a disruptor in their industry and in their marketplace.  

It's interesting to me . . . to hear business owners experience the Life GPS for the very first time.  They think it's cool and think they "get the benefit"  . . . but most don't actually see how business-changing this is.  I always can tell when someone really gets it, they say  . . . "I'm in, our how company is in, I want us getting started on this today!"  
As you can clearly see, Life GPS is not only an amazing tool for business and community-based organizations but also a great resource for anything we are passionate about.  

Tom Kunz, past President of CENTURY 21, the largest real estate franchise in the world shared . . . "I don't believe that God would put anything in our hearts that we weren't capable of doing."  Tom went on to say . . . "That's not saying that we will do everything on our own, because we truly can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own." 

Get engaged, GIVE, and/or SUBSCRIBE to your obtain your own channel to share your story and your passions in a way that will change your life, the lives of those around you, and the world as well.
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