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Living Our Passions . . . Every Day!
The following short stories . . . are people, just like you and I . . . people who have a passion for something to make a difference in the world.  In using Life GPS, the mobile app . . . in getting our own Custom Channel, we gain LEVERAGE to turn our passions into something which will change the lives of others and generate financial benefit for us and those around us.  YOUR Story could be the next one highlighted.  Sign up today for your own Custom Channel.  
This Months Highlighted Cause / Passion . . . 
Random Dance Challenge
We Devote Our Dance To Skylar Avery Miller!
Dad & Mom LOVE you . . . SO MUCH!
Healing From Miscarriage OR Loss Of A Child 
Jason & Melissa Miller
Jason and Melissa Miller just recently had a miscarriage.  Melissa especially, is experiencing, so much hurt and and feels that Random Dancing and seeing others do the same thing will help her to fully heal.
Jason and Melissa have given $2,500 as a matching gift, through December 31st in memory of Skylar Miller and the impact their little one will have in the world.  :-)  
Check out below, other Life GPS projects which are starting to come together!
What Are Your Passions?
Professional & Community

Life GPS will change the world

"Have you ever wished there was a mobile app which would quickly help you to understand, connect, and communicate with people?  www.Life-GPS.org . . . I have never seen anything like it in my life!"
Peter Miles, past Board Member of BMW
EVERY industry will greatly benefit from  LEVERAGING www.Life-GPS.org

I helped raise over one hundred million dollars for Easter Seals.

In leading over 140,000 agents in over 80 different countries . . . how I wish I had www.Life-GPS.org.  We could have doubled our sales and the agents would have had to work a lot less.  

Every business, every community-based organization should dive into this head first.  In my travels around the world, I have never seen anything which will bring people together and LEVERAGE the talents that people have like Life GPS.  It's amazing and will disrupt things in the most positive way.
Tom Kunz, past President of the largest real estate franchise in the world
Combining Our Passions Together . . . 
Personal & Professional

Jenn Taylor

When you hear Jenn's story you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll weep, and you'll rejoice.   Jenn is a international speaker & author, business owner, and mom of 18 children.  Jenn has a heart for helping and that is why she is so committed to www.Life-GPS.org.

I gain LEVERAGE . . . 

As you can imagine, being a mom of 18 children, a speaker, author, and business owner I have a lot going on and I needed something what would clone me and give me more time and more reach.  Life GPS did that and so much more!  
If you do not see your industry and/or area of passion . . . CONGRATULATIONS!  You could be one to lead up a LIFE GPS mastermind group.  IMAGINE . . . having the LEVERAGE of Life GPS to bring your passion to the entire world, to change the lives of people, and gain financially.  NOTE:  Many of the following are passions related into business / enterprise . . . WHICH IS GREAT!  As we turn our business / economic passions into financial gain . . . we are able to give more to people.

Lou Costabile

As a hobby I love to do interviews of those who have classic cars.  I earned $30,000 on my YouTube channel and I believe that with my Life GPS channel I will add a zero or two to that.  Very exciting and fun to do as well.  

Phil Eldred

Being 83 years YOUNG, a veteran and having a PhD in Engineering I have had a passion for helping veterans but wasn't sure how best to do that.  Now I know I can help them overcome PTSD, find employment, start a company, and do a lot more together with them.
Mentors / Pastors

Edward Rivera

Life GPS is so helpful to pastors, mentors, and really any type of leader.  The ability to graph / grid out entire groups of people to assist them to better understand how we are all created different is so powerful and life changing. 
Owners / Executives

Alan Stein

I have been looking for something for decades which will help recruit, train, and mentor employees to have the culture we need to help us achieve the vision for our company.  Life GPS does all this and so much more!
CPAs / Accounting Firms

Ken Bucci

Our CPA / Accounting Firm has benefited so much from Personality Masteries!   To now have Life GPS in a mobile app where we can share it with all our clients is so very exciting!  
YOUR PASSION :-) _______________

Emily Dunn

What are your passions?  Do you believe . . . "We can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own?"  Call or text Emily at 610-451-9941 about additional information and to get registered for your passion . . . before someone else takes it.
Imagine . . . having your own personal video here, something that draws people in and in 1 minute touches the hearts of people with your story, your heart, and draws them into you and then you share it with the world through Life GPS.
IT / Technology

Matt Maple

We in technology often struggle with connecting and communicating in the most effective way.  Life GPS makes it so easy that my two young children use it.  
Architects & Builders

Matt King

Are you an architect or a builder seeking solutions which seem to be very elusive?  Life GPS is helping me to increase my sales while reducing the hours I work.  It's been so powerful for me.
Mortgage Professionals

Ski Swiatkowski

I am a professional speaker and am using Life GPS to expand and grow my business in the mortgage industry and beyond.  
Health & Wellness

Jessica Ernst

I am so passionate about health and wellness . . . and I'm a wife and mom.  Life GPS is helping me to determine who are the best individuals to work with and how to work with them in the most effective way.  Life GPS is magical in how in 17 seconds it knows you, almost better than your own mom does.   :-) 
Real Estate

David Carroll

I needed something to clone me, something that would take my passion for real estate and share it around the country.  

Life GPS is working even when I'm not.  Not only is it helping me to earn more and work less but it's also raising money for so many great causes.  Everyone in the community should support this with all their heart.

Jonathan Boersma

I'm a millennial and I have a lot of passions that all seem to cost a lot of money.  I love that Life GPS is making it fun and easy to connect with all different personality types and turn my passions into revenue streams and also helping others to do so as well.
Non Profits


Non profits seem to be always struggling to generate the needed financial resources and volunteers needed to serve all those who need to be served.  Life GPS helps do all that and also LEVERAGE resources to serve more people with less effort and people.  

Jill Calderon

Life GPS is fun and so easy to do.  People love it and share it with others.  It's great for family, friends, and even strangers as everyone seems to be curious about themselves and the people around them.  I love how it's impacting all areas of my life in the most amazing ways.
Affiliate Marketing

Emily Dunn

As a single mom, wanting to start my own business but now sure how... Life GPS was the ticket.  It helped me in so many ways in LEVERAGING mine and others time, networks, and expertise.  Everyone benefits.  
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