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Life GPS has so many possible applications.  Your personal strategy session will help determine if / how the Life GPS mobile app could help you.
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Test your personality in 17 seconds!
Imagine . . . having a mobile app which would test your personality in 17 seconds from 65,536 possible personality types.  It's been said by worldwide thought leaders that this mobile app is the fastest and easiest personality testing in the world . . . AND . . . the most comprehensive . . . AND . . . the easiest to understand and apply to gain benefit from.

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We would like to have a chance to do a 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session to learn more about you.  As we get to know your personality and your business, we may be able to recommend ways for the Life GPS to change the way you do business.
What This Mobile App Is All About:
Secret #1: Personal
Imagine . . . learning deeply about your and others' personalities / frequencies and how to better LEVERAGE your strengths to achieve success in every area of life you value.

Secret #2: Business
Imagine . . . only taking 17 seconds to identify someone's personality and based on thir personality knowing how to better communicate, connect, present, and/or work together as a team.

Secret #3: Community
Imagine . . . having the ability to create groups from all aspects of your life empowering everyone to better connect and work together for the mutual benefit of the group, the community, and each individual within the group.

Let's Do Some Amazing Things Together
Custom Channels Life GPS
What Is A Custom Channel?  
The mobile app is free which obviously attracts a great deal of attention.  There is a small investment for individuals, organizations, and/or companies who desire to have their own Life GPS Channel.  

A Life GPS Channel gives you full control over what videos someone who enters your channel will see.  You control the full experience.  If you are a business owner, you can use custom Channels for recruiting, training, and mentoring of employees AND/OR for marketing, sales, servicing, and creating lifelong relationships.  Communicate to everyone you reach in the precise manner of their own unique personality.  

Check out "More Info" to see other examples for non-profit organizations, any type of community-based organization, any type of group of people, and even how someone individually can benefit from having their own channel to impact the lives of those around us.  

If you "Subscribe" you'll receive amazing short video updates on how others are using the Life GPS to just have fun, raise awareness for a cause, raise money for a cause, impact the lives of people around them, grow their business and a whole lot more. 

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What People Are Saying:
"...Amazing for Business!"
As a past board member for BMW and President of Rolls-Royce and traveling all around the world . . . I can honestly say I have never seen / experienced anything like this!  It's so fast, so easy a child can use it!  The first company in any industry to embrace Life GPS will become disruptors in their industries.
Peter Miles - Maryland
"...Changed my life and relationships!"
As a mom of 18 children . . . Yes 18, owning a number of my own companies, and being an international speaker and author I wish I would have had this mobile app years ago.  Wow, it has been a game changer for me in every area of my life.  

Jenn Taylor - Reno, NV
"...Communities will be impacted!"
As President of the largest real estate franchise in the  world, I helped raise over 100 million dollars for Easter Seals.  The Life GPS mobile app will help raise money, volunteers, and awareness for any community based organization in the world.
Tom Kunz - Orange County, CA
Most Popular Channel Options!
Level 1 personal is only $5 a month and gets you started with your own FUN Custom Channel.

Level 5 personal / professional option is only $195 a month and is like a professional life / career coach to help you and those around you succeed in the most amazing ways.
Level 1 community / business is only $100 a month and empowers a group of individuals to perform at levels most groups only dream of achieving.  

Levels 2 through 6 for business empowers businesses to do more with a great deal less, producing far greater profitability.  There are affordable options to fit your specific / unique needs.
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