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50% Off for 2 Years
For the first 100 businesses / organizations who subscribe, you will receive a 50% discount for any custom Level 3 or higher subscription channel you choose for 2 years.  NOTE:  Please choose the highest option you believe you will need.  You may upgrade at any time and you will retain the discount for your initial order but you will pay the difference to the upgraded option full priced.  
$70,800 in Savings
$100 / month
$300 / month
$350 / month - (50% Discount)
$950 / month - (50% discount)
$1,950 / month (50% discount)
$2,950 / month (50% discount)
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Everyone one of the 140,000+ agents...

"If I would have had this amazing app when I was President of the largest real estate franchise in the world all 140,000+ agents would have had it.  I have NEVER experienced anything so accurate . . . and it only takes 17 seconds.  Any business that has the Life GPS mobile app will have a massive advantage over their competition."
 — Tom Kunz

Powerful edge for authors / speakers

"Imagine . . . speaking a group of 11,000 people and in 17 seconds having all their personalities directed into your business channel.  As a best selling author and speaker I'm always looking for systems which will help me reach more people, in less time with less effort to impact their lives forever.  Life GPS is so easy and effective."
— Ly Smith

A huge asset to one's brand

"I was hooked the first time I took the test!  17 seconds and it knows precisely how you are based on 65,356 possible combination?  The intelligence behind this is amazing.  As a past board member of BMW I can attest as to the power of Life GPS for every aspect of one's business, from marketing to sales to leadership to recruiting, on boarding . . . EVERYTHING!"
— Peter Miles

Every CPA / Business Owner . . . 

". . . will benefit from Life GPS and having your own channel.  It has helped my firm bring in business, will help to close sales, service clients in the most effective manner, help to gain referrals, recruit, train, mentor and manage employees.  Anything having to do with people  . . . Life GPS will help to increase effectiveness."
— Ken Bucci - CPA